EDKV2 Suvan ff – School time part 3

Precap: Shravan’s friends gets invited by Shravan at night. Shravan gives a long speech to them and all decides to get back at the army-kids.

Suman and others are going school in the bus. Suddenly Suman hears a horn and looks outside of the window, there was Shravan. Like all other day. He smiles and waves at them. But Suman turns her face from him. Shravan gets a bit sad but doesn’t say anything.

One of the Anish’s friend comes to him, when he was chatting with other members of his gang.

Anish’s friend: Yaar Anish, did you saw my buddy anywhere, I’ve searched him the whole school but couldn’t find him anywhere.

Devika: Why are you looking for him anyway?

Anish’s friend: He was supposed to finish one of my assignments, who knows where he has gone suddenly.

Devika: Yaar, even I’ve not seen my buddy since I came to school. Anish, where is Sahib?

Anish: I’ve no idea. It seems all the civilians have left the school together.

Everyone laughs. That’s when another student comes to them.

: Guys, all the civilian students are having a meeting on the ground behind the school.

Anish and his team’s smile disappears hearing this.

Anish: They have united again? Let’s go guys, time to teach those losers another lesson.

In the ground, Shravan’s gang have sit down in circle, Shravan is standing in the middle.

Sahib: Shravan, now tell us what is your plan?

Shravan: Plan is very easy guys. We have a big card on our hand. Cultural fest is on 26th. In the past 4 year’s Anish’s team has taken part in it and won. But for the first time, a team lead by us, the civilian student is going to take part in the cultural fest. All the student body must be thinking right now that we won’t be able to win it. But we are gonna prove them wrong. We will bring the 5th time champion trophy in our school through our play. And that’s when everyone will see, whatever they can do, we can do too. And there is scope in 26th’s parade too.

Sahib: Yes, we will ruin it totally, that will give them a lesson of not messing with us.

Shravan: No Sahib, we won’t do anything like that. In fact we will practice a lot so that no body can raise their finger at us about anything. We have to do so great at the parade that who ever will see it, they couldn’t identify who is an army-kid and who is civilian. By this we will prove before everyone that there is no difference between us, they have to stop this partiality.

Ved: But those Anish and his gang won’t let us do things peacefully, they will definitely disturb us.

Shravan: Let them disturb us, if they push us once, we will get back again. We will help each other. No matter what happens, we will not distract from our main target and that is the 26th January’s function. Are you all ready?

Everyone screams: Yes.

They all stands up and turns to move, that’s when they notice Anish and his gang coming towards them. Shravan gets before everyone. Both the gang comes face to face. For sometime there stays a silence among them. Finally Anish speaks.

Anish: What are all of you losers are doing here? Are you all plotting something to mess with us again like last time?

Shravan: The thing is “dhumketu”, planning and plotting against your classmate is your type of thing. We don’t ruin our time in all this. We have much more important things to do.

Devika: And what is that?

Shravan: Why will we tell you that?

Anish: Don’t tell. Sahib come buddy, we need to talk.

Sahib was going being afraid but Shravan stops.

Shravan: Sorry Anish, if you wish to talk with your buddy about something, then you have to wait for sometime. Cause we don’t have time right now. We need to go to the rehearsal, after all there isn’t much time left till 26th January, we have a play to act. So bye bye.

Shravan and his gang leave the place, while Anish and his gang stay there, being angry.

Anish: They are definitely up to something. Till yesterday, this civilians didn’t dare to answer us back. And today all of them were looking right in our eyes. This isn’t good. We need to do something.

Devika: But we can’t, they are participating, we can’t stop them from doing so. And if somehow they wins then, they will start dancing over our head.

Anish: Don’t worry, they won’t be able to win. After whatever happened, I’m sure Suman won’t be a part of the play. And even if she stays, there will be effect of what happened in the play for sure.

In the auditorium

Shravan was instructing the other students of what to do and what not to do. That’s when Suman comes there. Shravan gets happy seeing her. He comes to her.

Shravan: Sumo you are here, let’s practice for the play.

Suman: Shravan I’m here to tell you that I won’t be coming here for the play anymore.

Shravan gets sad.

Shravan: What do you mean? Sumo you are not going to opt out from the play, right?

Suman: I wish if I could do that, but that’s not possible. I’m just not coming for the rehearsal. I need to do more hard work on my parade cause there is hardly any time left.

Shravan: Then how are we going to perform. Sumo don’t lie, you are doing this cause you are angry at me, right?

Suman: I’m not like you who lies at every point. I think we have done enough rehearsals together that there won’t be any problem for us to act on stage. Now our only problems is with the lines, so better for us, we should practice our line separately. So that we don’t forget them on stage.

Shravan: But we can do it better if we do it together.

Suman stops Shravan between his talk.

Suman: I’ve said what I wanted to. I have to go now.

Suman goes from there. Shravan keeps standing in the stage.

Suman is preparing students for the parade, their sport teacher comes there.

Captain: Suman

Suman: Yes sir

Captain: How is your preparation going on?

Suman: Sir, we will make our school proud.

Captain: Good. Where is your buddy, Shravan Malhotra?

Suman: Sir he is busy in doing his play.

Shravan: No sir I’m here.

Suman gets surprised hearing Shravan’s voice. Shravan comes running to them and stops before them.

Shravan: Sir I tried to come as fast as I could.  I am not going to let my buddy’s parade spoil because of me.

Shravan looks at Suman and smiles. She seems a bit impressed by this attitude.

Captain: Good. But next time don’t be late. Suman, keep going on with your practice.

Suman: Yes sir.

Shravan takes his place among the other students and the drill starts. The drill get tougher and tougher. Shravan falls down once due to an army-kid, but one of his friend helps him back up again. Days pass by and both the practice and rehearsal goes on. Shravan and Suman rehears their part alone in their room. Shravan and other civilian students keeps doing their best on the parade and help each other in doing so. Shravan keeps waving Suman on their way going to school every time from his bike like usual, every time she ignores him. Anish and his gang tries to disturb them in the school but they ignore them every time. 26th January comes closer. It’s 24 January, only one day left before the program. Suman and Kanchan was going towards their school bus after school.

Kachan: Suman aren’t you being a bit too much rude to him.

Suman: Kancha, didn’t I make myself clear to you earlier. I have nothing to do with him now.

Kanchan: But he is still your buddy. And look how sincerely he worked for your parade in past few days. But you even didn’t went once for his rehearsal. If you wanted you could make time.

Suman: Kancha, first decide which team you are in.

Kanchan: All I’m saying is I think he is genuinely trying to reform, at least he didn’t lied about anything in the past few days.

Suman: How can you say for sure.

Kanchan was about to say something but Bhopali comes there.

Bhopali: Suman. Stop.

Both of them stops.

Suman: Yes Bhopali ji, what happened?

Bhopali: There is a phone call from your home, go and receive it.

Suman and Kanchan looks at each other. They go with Bhopali. Suman takes the call from office. There is Bina chachi from other side.

Bina: Hello Suman, I’m Bina chachi.

Suman: Yeah chachi, what happened? Why do you call here at this time?

Bina: Suman, I can’t get your chachu or Damru on phone now. Your father’s medicine is almost over. If it’s not collected now then the shop will get closed. Can you go there and pick up the medicine? I’ve called at the store, they are open for sometime more, I’ve said you are coming to take the medicines.

Suman: But chachi, I don’t have enough money to….

Bina: Don’t worry about that. Ask Shravan to take, he is a nice boy. He will help. He didn’t left yet, right.

Suman: No chachi.

Bina: Then come home with the medicine fast.

Before Suman could say anything, Bina cuts the call. Suman looks at Kanchan who has a question look about what happened. Suman sighs.

Suman is waiting outside school, Shravan comes there walking with his bike, Kanchan comes with him.

Kanchan: Suman, I’ve told Shravan everything. He is ready to give you a lift. I’ll meet you at home.

Kanchan goes from there. Shravan gets on his bike. Suman sighs and gets on too. Shravan starts his bike. And goes. Anish and Devika sees them from bus.

Anish: This Shravan has again started…..

Kanchan: Chill guys, Suman went to take medicine for bare papa, Shravan is only giving her lift cause he is our neighbour and family friend. There is nothing else.

Anish and Devika doesn’t talk but it is clear that they aren’t happy.

Shravan’s bike is going on road. Shravan tries to start conversation.

Shravan: Sumo so I was saying….

Suman: If you can drive staying silent then please don’t talk, it will be much better.

Shravan doesn’t say anything, and gets sad. They reached the store, Suman goes there and takes the bag. When she was coming back she trips and the medicine inside the bag was about to fall but Shravan holds the bag with her in the right moment and nothing happens, they have an eyelock. Shravan helps her with the bag.

Suman: Thanks.

Suman goes, Shravan smiles. They again gets on the bike and comes back to their home. When Suman gets down and was about to go inside Shravan stops her.

Shravan: Suman stop.

Suman looks at him.

Suman: What is it Shravan, say fast, I’ve to go inside now, it’s getting late.

Shravan takes out something from his bag and gives it to her.

Suman: What is this?

Shravan: Take it, you will understand when you open it.

Suman takes the packet and goes inside. Shravan smiles and goes with his bike.

Suman unwraps the packet Shravan gave her, Kanchan is waiting egarly to see what it is. There is a letter inside and an old woolen cap of a kid. Kanchan gets puzzled.

Kanchan: What is this Suman? Why did he gave you a kid’s cap?

Suman looks at the cap for a long time. She remembers this was her cap when she was a kid. When she had met Shravan first time in her childhood, she was wearing this cap. But as usual they even fought then. And Shravan pulled a prank on her and took away this cap and never returned. Suman starts reading his letter.

“Suman, I’m trying to say sorry for a long time but due to busy schedule we can’t even meet at school properly now a days when we sit in the same bench. I know I’ve done a lot of mistakes and you are very angry at me. But I’m trying to reform for real and that’s why again I’m saying sorry for all my mistakes, for all the lies, for all the pranks, for all the fights since the time we met. As a token I’m returning this woolen cap to you, I’m sorry for everything.”

Kanchan: Wow, he kept this all these years! I’m impressed, what a way to say sorry. Suman you need to meet him.

Suman keeps the note and cap at a side.

Kanchan: Come on Suman, at least for the play, you have only one day and you should at least practice once before the main act. Otherwise if you two do something wrong on stage, our school’s prestige will be at stake. And didn’t he wholeheartedly worked out for your parade? You should do the same for him too. And also you don’t even talk to him anymore, yet he gave you a lift today. If he wanted he could have said no. Why do you think he is trying his best to say sorry, after all what he is gonna gain from all this. I think you should give him one more chance.

Kanchan goes to sleep. Suman looks at the cap for sometime. Then she picks up her phone and calls Shravan. Shravan was lying over his bed. When the phone rings he took it on hand and gets super excited seeing Suman’s call. He immediately stands up and answers the call.

Shravan: Hello Sumo, is everything ok? You called so late?

Suman: Shravan I called you to say thank you for today.

Shravan: It’s fine you don’t have to thanks.

Suman: Shravan there is only one day left before 26th

Shravan: Yeah I know, don’t worry, everything will go right in the parade.

Suman: I was actually talking about the play. I think we need to do a stage rehearsal before the main act, just to check if everything is alright.

Shravan: Fine, then lets do it tomorrow on school then. Tell me when you will be free, I’ll set up the

Suman: Let’s do it together Shravan, with the whole team.

Shravan gets super excited and jumps in air. Then he calms himself down. Suman gets a bit confused cause there is no answer coming from the other side.

Suman: Shravan?

Shravan: Yeah Suman, I’m here. I mean I’ll be there tomorrow for a full stage rehearsal. And I’ll inform the team too.

Suman: Ok, fine then. Good night.

Shravan: Suman.

Suman: What?

Shravan: Did you like the gift? I mean I’m really sorry for…

Suman: Good night Shravan.

Suman cuts the call and smiles a bit. And goes to sleep. But Shravan, he starts dancing in his room, Jhoomri comes to ask him something. But seeing him dancing like mad she gets scared and goes from there. Shravan  comes to the balcony.

Shravan: Don’t worry Sumo, your parade will be amazing , and so is our play. And you will forgive me and we will become friend again and then I’ll tell you my feelings and then…

Shravan starts blushing and smiling.

Next: Shravan falls down on the floor and couldn’t able to stand. Suman waits for him in the school.

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