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L’Escapade Island Resort – Island retreat with Noumea’s only above-water bungalows.

Only twenty-five minutes by boat from the city center, this appropriately-named resort is based on a Crusoe-esque islet of forests and coral. The design of the Overwater Bungalows is simple. Inside, there are touches of Melanesia and the bungalows are spacious enough, with separate living areas and huge marble bathrooms. But it’s really all about the setting: perched above the water away from the shore, with broad views across the harbor. The Garden Bungalows, however, are clustered too tightly together, with walls of windows offering maximum views but minimal privacy. Those facing the sea are far better, of course. The pool is always busy and the beaches mostly rocky, but the water is reasonably calm. Avoid weekends and school holidays when rates can triple, and crowds, including day-trippers, are overwhelming.

L’Escapade Îlot Maître – The Basics

L’Escapade Îlot Maître – Amenities

  • Location: On Îlot Maître island, accessible by free resort boat 4 times a day (25 minutes). Boats leave from a special terminal at the Baie de la Moselle marina, just down from the market in the center of Noumea on the main island. The terminal is about 40 minutes from the international airport and 15 minutes from the domestic airport. Note: the resort is spread across one half of the island; the rest is also open to the public.
  • Guests: More suited to couples seeking a quiet getaway, but families with younger children would also enjoy the setting.
  • Beach: The best strip of sand is the public beach along the western half of the island. Most of the shoreline around the resort grounds is rocky, but still swimmable and excellent for snorkeling.
  • Views: All Overwater Bungalows face the sea and offer 180-degree views. Garden Bungalows may offer some sea glimpses, while the Beach Bungalows overlook the water.
  • Wi-Fi Internet: Decent amount of data offered free per day per bungalow.
  • Parking: No vehicles on the island. Ask the management about parking on the mainland.
  • How to Book: Booking.com will have the best rates.
  • Phone: (687) 260 512
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: glphotels.nc
    • Pool: Nice setting: raised and facing the sea. But always busy and alongside the bar/restaurant. With a swim-up bar, it’s very popular.
    • Spa: A hut in the far eastern end of the island offers Thai massages but nothing else.
    • Fitness Center: None.

    L’Escapade Îlot Maître – Food and Drink

    L’Escapade Îlot Maître – Rooms

  • Private Pools/Jacuzzis: None.
  • Activities: All sorts of water-sports can be arranged, including paddleboards, jet-skis, banana boats, and kayaks, but costs are high.
  • Breakfast: A full buffet breakfast is included in the rates.
  • Room Service: Available 24 hours a day.
    • Room Types: Overwater Bungalow • Beach Bungalow • Garden Bungalow

    L’Escapade Îlot Maître – What’s Nearby?

    Best Nearby Restaurants & Bars

  • Smoking Rooms: Smoking is not allowed anywhere in or near the rooms or public areas, but is OK in the gardens and on the beaches.
  • Best Room: The place to stay is in one of the gorgeous Overwater Bungalows perched above the sea. The décor may be simple, but they are reasonably spacious and the views are unparalleled anywhere in or near Noumea.
    • There are no other places to eat or drink on the island. The resort boat to the mainland is timed to allow guests to enjoy lunch in (and a walk around) the city center, but not for evening meals.

    Nearby Market or Grocery

    • Very basic supplies available on the island, so come prepared.

    Local Transport

    • No transport on the island. See above for details about reaching the island by boat.

    L’Escapade Îlot Maître – What’s Nearby?

    Four times a day, the resort boat leaves a special terminal in the Baie de la Moselle marina in the center of Noumea.

    The large and comfortable resort boat is free for guests and takes about 25 minutes to reach the island.

    The boat from the mainland docks at the end of an extended jetty on the island.

    Waters around the island are ideal for snorkeling.

    The resort is renowned for its over-the-water bungalows, the only ones in and around Noumea.

    The pool is raised above the sand and faces the harbor.

    The pool is always busy and often noisy because of the swim-up bar and location alongside the restaurant.

    The pool has 2 sections with plenty of space for everyone.

    Although the island is about 25 minutes from the mainland, views from the beaches extend to Noumea.

    Part of the coastline around the resort has white sand and calm water.

    Not all of the shore around the island is sandy, with many rocky parts unsuitable for walking but still okay for swimming and snorkeling.

    Shady paths through the island lead to the Garden Bungalows.

    Among the undeveloped part of the island is an old chapel which is still used for services.

    The guest lounge near the lobby area adds to the relaxed ambience.

    Le Restaurant features an extended bar that serves all sorts of drinks.

    The resort restaurant offers substantial buffets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which are also available to the public.

    An extended pier leads to the Overwater Bungalows about 50m from the shore.

    The design of the bungalows is surprisingly simple with an oversized roof and box-shaped bathroom.

    Plenty of windows maximize the magnificent sea views.

    Furnishings in the Overwater Bungalows are a tad bland but nice enough.

    There are plenty of seats from which to enjoy the sea views.

    Each Overwater Bungalow contains a wooden patio with lounge chairs.

    A ladder from the patio leads to the sparkling waters.

    The Overwater Bungalows feature large marble bathrooms.

    Bedrooms in the Overwater Bungalows are surprisingly plain but do boast lovely views.

    Garden Bungalows feature 2 walls of windows which affect privacy.

    Inside this modest building, only Thai massages are offered.

    The resort is based on half of the island; the rest is open to the public.

    The Snack Bar on the public half of the island serves cold drinks and simple meals.

    Water-sports are available to guests and the public.

    Jet-skiing is one of the many water-sports available on the island.

    The half of the island open to the public can become very busy during weekends and school holidays.

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