The new Stranger Things character that could rival Mike’s geekiness

According to Decider, actor Joseph Quinn of Game of Thrones and Overlord fame will be bringing his genre pedigree to Stranger Things 4 in the role of Eddie Munson, a character who reportedly heads the “Hellfire Club.” What is the Hellfire Club, you may ask? Apparently, it’s Hawkins High School’s official Dungeons & Dragons club. That sounds remarkably like a student group that one Mike Wheeler might think that he should be running. Eddie is “hated by those who don’t understand him — and beloved by those who do.” He will also reportedly find himself at the heart of this season’s mystery.

No word yet as to whether Munson will be a hero or a villain, but we’re guessing chances are good things between him and Mike will likely come to a head. Even though we know the premiere title, no release date has been announced for Stranger Things 4, but expect to find it dominating the Netflix Top Ten lists sometime in 2021.

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