‘The Great British Baking Show’ Finale is Shaping Up to be Peter vs. Dave

The Great British Baking Show 2020 finale is on its way and I think we already know what the main slugfest is going to be. The obvious frontrunners are adorable Scottish beanpole Peter Sawkins and “neat as a pin” Dave Friday. Both started the season as back-to-back Star Bakers and both have overcome hiccups to sail into The Great British Baking Show finale. Their showdown doesn’t just all-put-confirm another male winner of the show is about to be crowned, but that the narrative of this season is…”Who’s the best boy?”

Okay, I jest, but ever since The Great British Baking Show premiered eight weeks ago, the show has made a point of portraying Peter and Dave as the kind of Type-A perfectionists who do well in the tent. Peter Sawkins ran away with Star Baker in the very first week and seemed like the ideal Great British Baking Show contestant. Sweet, eager, and raised on the show, he wouldn’t just understand how to match the briefs, but he’d quote old-time Great British Baking Show winners as his sources for key baking tips. But Peter wasn’t the only early frontrunner…

In Week 2, security guard Dave Friday took home Star Baker for his expertise with biscuits. Dave soon developed a reputation for perfectionism and a love of unconventionally spicy flavors. While he dazzled early on, he soon pivoted to flying under the radar, only re-emerging as a frontrunner in recent weeks. However in both Peter and Dave’s cases, you could see that the nerves weren’t necessarily getting to them in the Semi-Finals. Rather, the excitement was giving them the kind of confidence we hadn’t seen since those early weeks.

Now before we get ahead of ourselves and say it’s a given that The Great British Baking Show‘s Finale will come down to Peter and Dave, we need to acknowledge Laura Adlington’s arc.

It feels to this long-time GBBS observer that Peter Sawkins and Dave Friday are locked in a battle to find out who is the best British baking boy. Sure, Laura Adlington has shown a propensity to stun the judges at the last minute, so she can’t be counted out. But doesn’t it feel like it’s down to the boys?!?

In any event, in less than a week, we’ll know who won 2020’s insane season of The Great British Baking Show. Will it be Peter Sawkins, Dave Friday, or Laura Adlington?

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