Seven die after ingesting hand sanitiser in replacement for alcohol

A group of nine people in total drank hand sanitiser at a party in Russia leaving seven dead

Seven people have died in Russia after ingesting hand sanitiser in replacement for alcohol at a party on Thursday night.

In total, nine people ingested the substance at a premises in Tomtor village in the Yakutia region, reports MailOnline.

Two others remain in a coma with the first three victims being a female aged 41 and two males aged 27 and 59.

A further three out of the seven were also aged between 28 and 69.

Per MailOnline, the federal public health watchdog said: “Nine cases of poisoning with sanitiser have been registered, including seven that were fatal.”

According to reports, the nine drank the hand sanitiser, made of 69% methanol, when there was no more alcohol at the party left.

The Russian government has renewed warnings, visible on the bottles, for its citizens to not consume the contents.

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