Pirate heart lovingly emphasizes the birthday of his spouse

Pirate’s heart spin the perfect happiness!

The singer-songwriter and coach of The voice today marked with love the birthday of her spouse.

«Happy birthday to the man who made me forget that I was a difficult person to love. It really wasn’t an easy year, but you get through it every day. I am happy to see your courage, your ambition and your empathy grow over time. Thank you for agreeing to go to Home Depot with me the first time. To many others! I love you», Reveals the beautiful singer, sharing at the same time cute photos of the man of his life.

This is not the first time that Beatrice Martin sharing photos of her lover Marc Flynn, aka their new dog’s daddy Atreyu (an adorable Australian Shepherd with blue eyes)!

Yesterday the singer shared an adorable video of her little one Romy, future make-up artist of stars in herbs!

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