Online Power Supply Calculator to calculate the Power Supply Wattage

When it comes to PC building, one of the most important components is the PSU or the Power Supply Unit. Depending on how much each of the connected hardware, i.e., CPU, GPU, RAM, and others, consume, you will have to decide the total Power Supply Wattage. In this post, we will share an online tool that can help you calculate the Power Supply Wattage.

Power Supply Calculator

While you can do it manually as well, but then that is when you have finalized all the components. If you are still changing, especially GPU and CPU,  then  OuterVision Power Supply Calculator can come in handy.  The biggest advantage of using this tool is that you can also input your computer utilization time, and it can suggest if that PSU will be able to handle it for that long duration.

Calculate Power Supply Wattage

There are two ways to calculate the PSU wattage. The first one is the Basic mode, while the second is Expert mode. You can try any of them, but my vote goes for Expert mode, especially if you are going to overclock your PC and use it for editing.

Once you open the website, you can then search for CPU, GPU, Memory, Video Cards or GPU, Storage, Mouse, Keyboard, and so on. Depending on the CPU and GPU, you can choose the core clock speed, memory clock, and overvoltage, if any.

Once done, you can finally click on how much gaming or video editing, or 3D rendering time usage. Then click on the calculate button to find the Load wattage, UPS rating, and recommended PUS wattage.  It can also view the total electricity you will consume based on the usage, i.e., energy cost.

While the website has the most recent hardware information, if not, you can select similar hardware and then change the configuration, which impacts the wattage.

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