Neighbours spoilers: Dipi and Shane affair leaves lives shattered

Dipi (Sharon Johal) and Pierce (Don Haney) have been risking everything with their naughty shenanigans in Neighbours, managing to get themselves caught twice; once by Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) and once by Jane Harris (Annie Jones). But as they say, third time’s a charm.

Once Jane passes on what she saw to Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes), it’s only a matter of time before the dirty secret gets fully discovered. And Nicolette ensures Chloe is the one to find it all out, natch.

Acting on information Nicolette gives her, Chloe goes in search of answers and finds exactly what she doesn’t want to find – she discovers Dipi and Pierce together and is left utterly distraught. In her distress she turns and flees, and who should be waiting to pick up the pieces? Nicolette. Well played Nicolette, well played. Pierce runs after his wife, desperate to explain himself. But how is he going to talk his way out of this one?

Shane (Nick Coghlan), meanwhile, is still waiting for Dipi to come home so he can show her the sunroom. But she has a surprise of her own and leaves him floored when she drops her confession – she’s been sleeping with Pierce. Ouch.

Paul is of course left furious when he learns from Hendrix (Benny Turland) that he no longer has his leverage over Pierce and Pierce is finally able to reveal that he was being blackmailed. It seems like Paul might be the fall guy for these devastated Ramsay Street residents who need somewhere to direct their anger. He deserves it, to be fair.

But despite everything, Dipi is still pulled towards Pierce, leaving Shane confused and hurt by her distance. As his anger builds he turns to a familiar friend, Richie’s ADHD meds. Will he be tempted?

Dipi and Shane later have a blazing row about the shattered pieces of their marriage, but they’re suddenly interrupted – their son Jay returns home. Their broken hearts are put on ice, for now.

Pierce learns a puzzling fact – that Chloe had the necklace. He starts to put two and two together, realising Nicolette may well have been behind the outing. He accuses her and Chloe jumps to her defence, unwilling to see another betrayal in her midst.

Pierce is a wreck, unable to sleep and can’t see a way forward. He begs Chloe to give him hope and she does, partly because she is so lost she doesn’t know what’s right. But despite the reassurance Pierce still can’t sleep and goes for a workout, when disaster strikes…

Scenes air from Monday 30th November on Channel 5.

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