Exercises To Get Rid Of Bat Wings

Carrying excess fat in multiple parts of your body such as thighs, hips, arms, and abdomen is common when it comes to weight gain.

Excess fat in arms & back leads to the formation of bat wing, which may cause your body to look sluggish and saggy. Do you want to get rid of those flabby arms?

You cannot really lose fat at a targeted spot on your body, but by improving your upper body muscle tone, can make you able to create a fine and tight muscle appearance.

Combination of a proper diet & regular exercise is an amazing approach to shape your body and fit you in your desired hoodie and sweatshirt.

What causes the Bat Wing on arms?

Bat wing are formed due excess fat in your body. Your arms just happen to provide spots to your body for storing excess fat.

However, the way your body stores fat depends on your genes.

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How can you get rid of Bat Wing Arms?

You can get rid of excess fat in your arms, if you’re willing to devote time working out on them. Fixing Bat Wing arm involves two step:

Both of them are essentially required.

Biggest mistake people often do is while toning their arms, they solely focus on exercise and totally neglect what they are taking in.

Following are some exercise that you need to do for toning your arms

1. Pulley triceps extension Workout

  • Muscle Building in arms
  • Losing excess body fat
    • Start by being in standing position with an overhead pulley and an attached rope
    • Put your hands at the end of rope, make you both palms face each other.
    • Stand with your feet hip-width apart, slightly bent your knees while engaging your core.
    • Then start by putting both of your elbows beside your hips, bent your body at 90 degrees, & stretch your arms downward facing the floor straightly and squeeze at your arms back by the end.
    • Repeat the cycle for 10 to15 times in 3 sets.

    2. Triceps pushups

    • After putting on your workout jogger pants, start by being in a plank position. Put your hands beneath your chest. And turn both of your hands inwardly in a way that your fingers make a triangle.
    • Then lower down your body slowly towards the floor, but make sure that your body stays aligned in a straight line while engaging your core.
    • Next step is to push yourself back in plank position, while squeezing your arms back & mid back, and pull both of your shoulders in outward direction.
    • Repeat this exercise for 10-15 times in 3 sets

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    3. Lat pulldown

    • Sit while facing weight stacked overhead by a lat pulldown machine that has a wide rode attached to it.
    • Reach overhead & grab the rod with a firm grip, & your palms facing opposite of your body.
    • Then Lean back at 30 to 45 degrees & pull that rod in downward motion, directed at your chest.
    • Make your latissimus dorsi engage, in a way that your large muscles face the back. Same like you are tucking your elbows in pockets at your back. Then make your shoulders & neck relax.
    • Repeat 10 to 15 times. In 3 sets.

    4. Pilates overhead press

    • Sit straight on the grounds while putting both of your legs in loose diamond posture.
    • Then Lean forward by your hips, after untucking the tailbone from the floor.
    • Place a body bar or a dumbbell on both of your hands. Hold them up to your chest level.
    • Then pull blades of your shoulder blades back, while engaging your latissimus dorsi & core muscles of your body.
    • After that try to push the weight in an upward direction. Aim at keeping the bar in motion diagonally opposite to overhead. Do not shrug in your shoulder and align the rest of your body in a straight line..
    • Repeat this exercise for 10 to 15 times in 3 sets.

    5. Reverse fly

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