Bani’s imposter plans to kill Veer; Markat attacks her son Jai

The episode begins with Veer trying to find out how did Bani escape the enclosure. Meanwhile, Markat and Jai come up with an evil plan. Jai distracts everyone in the house and turns into a naag. He picks up Bani’s enclosure and arrives at a jungle. They have a huge argument and Jai tells Bani that he is jealous of her. Just then Markat attacks Jai and tells Bani that she saw Bani and Veer pretending to act as if they are enemies the previous night. She locks Bani in a jungle and creates an imposter to kill Veer. Bani’s all attempts to come out of the enclosure turn futile. Also Read – Dheeraj Dhoopar, Surbhi Chandna, Parth Samthaan – here are the TV Instagrammers of the week

Back in the house, we can see Bani’s imposter having a knife in her hand to kill Veer. Just then Meera appears and Bani can’t attack Veer. Meera finds Bani to be lost. Bani’s imposter tells her that she is fine and asks her to go. She then tells Veer that she wants to talk to him in private. In the jungle, Bani is praying to Bholenath to protect Veer. She starts doing a taandav and tells him that she won’t stop until she knows that Veer is safe. Also Read – Naagin 5, 21st November 2020, written update: Veer and Bani dance; Kaali shakti and Bani have a gruesome fight

Meanwhile, in the room Veer suspects that the imposter is not Bani. Bani in the jungle gets a sign that Veer is safe. Markat is angry and decides to take matters into her own hands. The imposter disappears and Veer realises that she was not Bani after finding a knife. He feels Bani is in trouble and leaves to help her. Also Read – World Television Day 2020: Here’s how social media has changed the scene

In the jungle, Bani tries to find out some secrets in the maayavi gufa. Just then we see Markat entering the jungle. Veer enters the jungle and finds Jai lying down with his eyes shut. He asks Jai where Bani is but he says that he doesn’t know anything. In the gufa, Bani finds a secret path as Markat is trying to find her. She vows to kill her once she finds out the gufa ka raaz.

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