5 ‘Whoa’ Scenes From Ancient Earth School Forgot To Teach

Myosaurus was so cute, it makes us seriously doubt the accuracy of any of these DeviantArt pieces masquerading as scientific reconstructions.

1Go Back Further, And Each Day Was Just A Few Hours Long

Go Back Further, And Each Day Was Just A Few Hours Long

The Moon constantly tugs on the Earth, you see, which is most observable through tides coming in and going out. This massive movement of the ocean across the sea floor creates friction, which works against the planet’s rotation. On a day-to-day basis, this doesn’t make any difference, but long-term, it slows Earth’s rotation down.

Go back to the start of plants, and a day lasted just 18 hours. Go all the way back to when that blasted Moon first came to be, and a day was just four hours. Mathematicians can probably draw accurate predictions from this to see how days will inevitably shorten even more in the future, but as for us, we fear for the worst. Maybe the Moon will, against all logic, start pulling harder and suddenly grind the planet to an absolute halt. The day-night cycle will end, which will cause quite a few problems. Our calendars will have no way of moving forward. So it will be 2020 forever.

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