Is this David Tennant’s weakest Doctor Who episode of all time?

“What we had set out to do right from the start with ‘Fear Her’ was tell a story that was aimed very much at children. For children, not really for adults, not really for the older Doctor Who fans,” Graham said. “It was aimed at the kids, because ‘Army Of Ghosts’ and ‘Doomsday’ were coming up, and they were going to be very big, very dark and very traumatic. And Russell wanted a playground adventure.”

The writer went on to explain that the response he received from children who watched the episode was positive. It wasn’t until he ventured online that he realized how much older fans seemed to dislike “Fear Her.” Ultimately, Graham still loves the episode, despite it routinely ranking near the top of “worst of lists,” because as he told Den of Geek, the child-like outing wasn’t meant for adults, and as long as younger members of the audience enjoyed it, then “Fear Her” did its job.

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