Coronation Street spoilers: Jane Danson reveals Leanne Battersby’s ‘worst nightmare’ as Oliver dies

Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) has been tirelessly fighting for Oliver in Coronation Street, but she ultimately says goodbye in upcoming scenes, as the little boy passes away.

With Dr Howarth (Caroline Harding) adamant that it would be in Oliver’s best interests to withdraw his life support, Leanne refused to give up the fight, and therefore a court case ensued.

Viewers will know that the judge ruled in favour of the hospital’s decision, but Leanne was determined to launch an appeal in one final fight.

However, Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) refused to support such an appeal, which left Leanne beside herself, and there’s more heartbreak for her next week, when solicitor Imran Habeeb (Charlie de Melo) refuses to represent her — something which sets the scene for a huge showdown.

‘It just feels like the whole world is now against her,’ reveals actress Jane Danson, ‘Every time she turns around someone is beating her down and telling her no. She really thought that there was hope with the appeal but now everyone is turning their back on her and saying enough.

‘She’s not ready for that, she’s not prepared to let go, and she goes a bit crazy with it. I think it consumes her every being, she can’t eat, she can’t sleep, she’s emotionally drained.

‘She locks herself into the solicitors office and we see that she’s hovering over the edge. She can’t understand why no one will help her, it feels like everyone is against her and it’s really sad.’

In the wake of Imran’s revelation, Toyah (Georgia Taylor) attempts to explain to Leanne the reason as to why her beau will no longer proceed with her appeal, and it’s safe to say that Leanne doesn’t take such a thing too well.

Jane continued: ‘As well as Steve, Toyah’s been the other constant for Leanne, she always has been throughout their life. Leanne’s the stroppy, feisty one who can be hurtful at times but Toyah is always there for her no matter what.

‘Leanne does apologise, she’s been her punch bag, a referee, but she’s still here and ultimately it’s Toyah who makes her realise that she has done everything she can.

‘I think because it comes from Toyah, in a really sensitive manner then that’s the voice she finally hears. Leanne has exhausted every avenue that’s been available to her and sadly she really has come to the end of the road.’

Leanne ultimately makes the difficult decision to drop the appeal when Oliver suddenly arrests in the hospital.

‘I think there’s a little bit of her that thinks: “If this is it, then I won’t have to make a choice,”‘ reveals Jane, ‘And she can no longer blame herself but then she feels guilty for having that thought.

‘She’s so emotionally exhausted that she maybe can’t see as clearly as everybody around her but when he does have the arrest it’s touch and go. He pulls through because of Leanne’s request to resuscitate, but there’s a huge element of guilt in that too.’

Leanne makes the heart wrenching decision to let Oliver go, and saying goodbye to her beloved child is something that Jane describes as the character’s ‘worst nightmare’.

‘It’s her worst nightmare,’ the actress said, ‘All this fight now for nothing, she’s done everything and it hasn’t changed anything. She’s devastated by the loss of what could have been, everyone else’s life is going on, Nick now has a son and Oliver will never even get to Sam’s age.

‘She’s trapped in a vicious circle of guilt, anger, sadness and despair. It’s devastating, for everything Leanne is she has got a heart and it’s going to be completely broken. The journey to say goodbye is absolutely devastating.’

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