5 cocktails de films à reproduire chez soi

A moment of conviviality par excellence, the cocktail combines both creativity and combinations of flavors. Like a feature film, its multi-sensory experience awakens memories and arouses emotion. And it must be admitted that certain drinks owe their notoriety to cult films. Zoom on 5 of them which give pride of place to the most emblematic cocktails of the seventh art.

James Bond : Vodka Martini

Agent 007’s hugely popular Vodka Martini is one of the most iconic cocktails in cinema. However, the character of James Bond still commands it ” shaken, not stirred “. That is to say mixed with a shaker and not with a spoon. And with each mission, those who risk their life in a three-piece suit fall for a new recipe. However, it is difficult to share all the recipes knowing that Agent 007 would have consumed nearly 317 drinks since the first episode.

Recipe: 7 cl of Vodka – 0.5 of Vermouth Dry – 1 olive verte.Serve the Martini vodka in a Martini glass after shaking it, add an olive and you’re done!

The Big Lebowski : White Russian

In the cult film of the Coen brothers, The Big Lebowski, we can see “The Dude” alias Jeffrey Lebowski with a glass of White Russian on 9 occasions. And it is probably these sequences that helped to restore the image of this drink.

Indeed, very popular in the 70s it was then considered out of date in the 1980s. By the way, for the anecdote, know that the choice of this cocktail is far from being a pure chance. One day, the Coen brothers crossed paths with Jeff Dowd, a producer from Los Angeles. An active activist in the anti-Vietnam war peace movement and a member of the radical “Seattle Seven”, he enjoyed drinking White Russian and was nicknamed the Dude by his friends. Both fascinated by his quirky personality and his charisma, the Coen brothers were inspired by his life to create the hero of the Big Lebowski until he consumed the famous cocktail.

Recipe : 4 cl of Vodka – 4 cl of Coffee liqueur – 2 cl of Milk – 2cl of liquid cream.Serve directly in an Old Fashioned glass filled with ice cubes.

The Godfather 2 : Daïquiri Banana

The second part of the saga around the Corleone family, The Godfather 2, offers an anecdotal scene that has become cult thanks to this iconic cocktail. Indeed, we see Fredo Corleone asking his brother Michaël, played by Al Pacino: “How do you say Banana Daiquiri in Spanish?which answers him naturally: “Banana Daïquiri.”. In other words, it is about from a banana variant of the inimitable Cuban cocktail made with rum. Indeed “Daïquiri” is the name of a village in the east of Cuba. A cocktail which, like many others, is the simple fruit of chance and whose origin dates back to the end of the 19th century.

Recipe : 6 cl of white rum – 1 cl of Triple sec – 2 cl of fresh cream – 2 cl of lemon juice – 1 cl of milk – 0.5 cl of cane sugar syrup – 1 Banana.In a blender filled with crushed ice, pour the white rum, the triple sec and the lemon juice. Then add the crème fraîche, milk and cane sugar syrup. Finally, add the pieces of the banana and mix gently, to obtain a homogeneous and smooth mixture. Serve in a large wine glass.

Scarface : Pina Colada

Directed by Brian De Palma in 1983, Scarface tells the story of a Cuban gangster who emigrated to the United States who would become one of the greatest drug traffickers of all time. And if the film traces his painful descent into hell, at the beginning we see him sipping of tasty Piña Colada under the Miami sun shouting ” It is paradise »Accompanied by his sidekick Manolo.

Recipe : 4cl of white rum – 2 cl of amber rum – 12 cl of pineapple juice – 4 cl of coconut milk.In a blender, pour the ingredients with 5 ice cubes and mix everything. Pour into a wine glass and enjoy. Add a piece of pineapple and a candied cherry to dress your cocktail in style.

Gatsby the magnificent : Mint Julep

In Gatbsy the magnificent, directed by Baz Luhrmann, Mint Julep is the favorite cocktail of the sublime Daisy Buchanan performed by Carey Mulligan. First mentioned in the novel of the same name by F. Scott Fitzgerald. it was then brought up to date in 2013, when the film was released. American cocktail par excellence, he had his first aficionados in the southern states of America.

Recipe : 6 fresh mint leaves – 8 cl of Whiskey rye or Bourbon – 1 teaspoon of powdered sugar – crushed ice.Ice the glass for 30 minutes in the freezer. Drop the mint into the glass. Add the sugar. Mix using a wooden pestle. Fill the glass with crushed ice using a spoon. Indeed, your hands should not touch the ice because it should be as dry as possible. Pour the bourbon over it. Decorate with a sprig of mint.

Remember that alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, to be consumed in moderation.

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