West Shefford brewers’ beers now available in grocery and convenience stores!

The pandemic has brought a lot of constraints, especially in the world of bars and restaurants. They must roll up their sleeves and work harder than ever to try to survive this extremely difficult time. Most of them have to risk trying new experiences that might appeal to their regular clientele while expanding it to get through containment.

It’s the case for the brewers of West Shefford who worked extremely hard on their new project. Since we can no longer go to Pub West Shefford on Mont-Royal for weeks and that Estrie has just fallen into the red zone, thus closing the doors of Edgar Hyperlodge in Bromont, the brewers thought they would make us happy by giving us the chance to enjoy their beers in the comfort of our home.

Whether you are in Estrie or Montreal, you can now get your hands on their beer cans in many grocery and convenience stores. This initiative allows us to encourage them, drink local and do a little action that could help them survive the pandemic. Plus, their lager is a “thirsty beer” as they say, and let us tell you, we might be very thirsty during our holiday vacation.

Here are the places in Montreal where you can get your hands on their delicious beers:

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