The Black Friday DreamBox SALE

In the past two years, there’s only one company I’ve worked with: Create Room, the makers of the DreamBox. I really love my DreamBox and the way it has transformed my super messy office/craft room into a creative space I actually enjoy walking into. So today I want to let you know about the big Black Friday sale as well as a new DreamBox upgrade.

FYI, this post is not sponsored; however I do earn affiliate income when you use my code to make a purchase, and you get early access and extra savings! The sale starts at Nov 20th at 11 am MST and runs through Nov 30th.

What’s a DreamBox?

In a nutshell, a DreamBox is the coolest craft organization system you’ve ever seen. I’ve shared lots of details about my DreamBox before, including bunches of photos and videos of it in action, so click on these posts to learn more about the DreamBox:

How the DreamBox transformed my craft room

Organize your sewing room with the Sew Station add-on

The New Tote Track System

One of the cool features of the DreamBox is that it’s completely customizable: you can place the shelves and totes wherever you’d like to best fit your craft supplies. Create Room has just made it even easier to customize your tote placement by introducing a track system, which means the wide totes don’t require shelves anymore! Watch this video to see my review:

Please note: If you purchase a DreamBox now, the tote track system is included. If you already have a DreamBox, you can purchase tote tracks separately. They work wonderfully with the wide totes, making shelves unnecessary. However, the shoebox size totes still need to sit on top of shelves, so I’d recommend continuing to use pegs and shelves you already have for your shoebox size totes. (If you purchase a new Dreambox, it has updated shelving that works WITH the tote track system. The tote tracks *can* be used with the current shelving, but it’s a really tight fit so I wouldn’t recommend it.)

Black Friday Savings

Ok, on to the good stuff – how much you can save! Keep my code handy because you’ll need it to get the discount: AUTUMNDREAMS1000

If you are purchasing a new DreamBox and additional furniture/accessories, you can save up to $1000. Here’s the savings breakdown:

And if you already own a DreamBox but want to add to it, you can save $75 on a Sew Station or DreamCart and 20% off other accessories, including side tables.


Remember, if you want a full run down on the DreamBox, click on over to this post and watch my video review: How the DreamBox transformed my craft room

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