PS5 download bug can be fixed without a complete reset

Sony has provided a solution to a PS5 issue that made it near impossible for owners to download their games.

Last week, not long after the PlayStation 5’s initial launch in certain regions, some owners began reporting that they had

At first, the only solution for this was to perform a factory reset, but since this deletes everything off the PlayStation 5 and effectively makes it as if you just got it out of the box, it wasn’t an ideal solution.

However, Sony has now addressed the issue and the solution is to update the console to the latest system software and then start the PlayStation 5 in Safe Mode.

To do this, you need to press and hold the power button that turns the console on, but not let go until you hear a second beep.

Once it’s on, choose to rebuild database, which simply reorganises and freshens the systems files without deleting anything, and the issue should be resolved.

While the problem doesn’t appear to be plaguing everyone (we never experienced the issue on our PlayStation 5), it’s clearly fairly common if Sony has had to step in and acknowledge it.

The PlayStation 5 is available now (in the sense that it’s officially launched, there’s currently zero stock at any retailers though).

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