Friends: the 5 best games to test your knowledge of the cult series

In which season of Friends do girls lose their apartments to boys? Which letter from the encyclopedia Joey Tribbiani bought? Besides, can you tell us the first names of all her sisters? If you want to continue answering our questions, we strongly advise you to buy one of these games around the cult series. Or take all Serieously trivia quizzes.

Friends, the game Quiz and Pawn

We start with one of the last games released around the cult series! More than 200 questions spread over 6 categories, with bonuses linked to the life of our favorite friends… Clearly a board game that can last over several evenings with your friends. And the first to reach the last square will officially earn the crown of the ultimate fan in your group. Available here for 19.95 euros.

Those who lost the apartment

Based on the famous Ross quiz, but with 200 questions (otherwise you have quickly gone around), this ultra organized game separates you into two teams: the Unagi vs the Pivotez. The questions are then divided into categories: “fear and pet peeves”, “ancient history”, “literature” and “it concerns the family” to see if you really know all the secrets of Friends. Ready ? Available here for € 19.99.

L’extension Trivial Pursuit

And yes, Friends is a cult series enough to qualify for its Trivial Pursuit expansion. As Harry Potter, therefore. You know the principle: fill in the famous Camembert first with all the categories. It’s up to you to prove that you are the ultimate fan by arriving first. Available here for € 12.50.

The classic trivia

For a more classic evening, without a board and other dice, choose simple question cards! And this one might even spice up the game a bit since it’s in English. Amateur of the French version abstain. Available here for € 8.50.

Friends and the ball game

We end with another game that fans of the series necessarily know: that of the ball. You’ve probably already understood the principle: NEVER drop that ball. But to spice things up a bit, you also need to answer questions about Friends ! In English please. Available here for € 19.50.

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