Faux semblants sur France 2 : c’est quoi ce téléfilm policier avec Thierry Godard ?

France 2 broadcasts “Faux semblants”, a new unpublished unit starring Noémie Schmidt and Thierry Godard, police captains in charge of a new police investigation near Nantes and having to track down a serial killer.

A simple but gripping plot

False pretenses plunges us into a new police investigation in Saint-Nazaire after the murder of a journalist. And what initially seemed to be the work of a single man determined to take revenge for the journalist’s actions quickly turned to search for a serial killer.

Captain Valentine Ventura (Noémie Schmidt), just arrived from the financial brigade, will then have for her first investigation to find a very well run assassin. She will very quickly be accompanied by Captain Antoine Thomas (Thierry Godard), just returned from leave after a car accident, which made him lose the use of his legs, but also his wife. Handicapped but still determined to find who this serial killer is, Antoine will have to form a new duo with the Captain, who had idolized him until then.

False pretenses : a unitary like a series

The strength of this new unit of France 2 is undoubtedly its cast. On the one hand Thierry Godard, obviously used to cop roles thanks to his character of Gilles Escoffier in Engrenages on Canal +. On the other hand, Noémie Schmidt, young Swiss actress seen in the Versailles series. And if France 2 nevertheless offers us a unitary, this duo of actors seems to be in its third season of adventures, so much the alchemy between the two actors, and even the rest of the cast, seems obvious. Thierry Godard delivers a performance in his image, touching and raw, which makes all the charm from False pretenses. Charm accentuated by the performance of Noémie Schmidt, full of naturalness and freshness, which does not force the features of the barely experienced young captain but delivers a fluent acting game, highly appreciable.

And even without talking about the lead cast, the rest of the cast also do quality work. We find in particular Steve Tientcheu, seen in Wretched, Braquo or Les Sauvages, but also Marc Ruchmann from the Plan Coeur series, or the actor Laurent Bateau, seen in dozens of films and series. A team of actors gathered for a single episode but who almost deserves to become recurrent.

Should we watch False pretenses ?

False pretenses really deserves a look, for the performance of its actors mentioned above, but also for its really captivating plot. Without forgetting the finale which is offered to us, far from those expected and foreseeable which are generally delivered to us in this kind of fiction. A real success from France 2.

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