Choti Sardarni 20th November 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Aditi comes home crying. Meher says what happened? Harleen and Sarab get worried. Sarab says did Vikram say anything? aditi says I left that house. I’ll never go back there. Everyone is shocked. Sarab says what happened? Aditi says Vikram wants to divorce me. Aditi tells them what she heard, she shows the chunri he was holding. Meher looks at Sarab. Harleen says this chunri is your Meher? Sarab says Meher has a similar chunri. Aditi says let’s go to the shop so we can find out who is the girl he wasn to leave me for. Meher we have to find out. Sarab says please calm down. Aditi says I have to go. Harleen says sit down and relax please. They give her water. Guddi can’t breathe. Sarab gives her water. She gets an asthma attack. HArleen says I won’t pardon that girl and Vikram.

Sarab brings Aditi’s inhaler. She cries. Aditi says I will kill myself. Sarab says you’re our life. Nothing will happen. Aditi says I want to meet that girl. She took my biggest happiness. I wil talk to her. Sarab says you have to control yourself. Everything will be fine. Harleen takes her to the room.

Scene 2Seema looks for Aditi. She calls her. Aditi picks. Aditi says mom I had to go for an emergency. Seema says you didn’t even eat. Aditi says I won’t leave without telling you. Harleen says why didn’t you tell her? Aditi says she’s a heart patient. I will expose that girl in front of everyone. Robbie hears all this. Aditi says I won’t leave this girl.

Sarab says how does Vikram have this chunri? Meher says this isn’t mine anymore. Sarab says everything good will happen now. You will always be with me and so will be our Karan. Meher says everyone will know the truth. We should tel everyone right now. Call everyone. SArab says no. We can’t lose our cool. This is about Aditi’s life. we have to keep our cool.

Sarab calls Manav. He says you called so fast. What’s the solution you found? Sarab says I need to meet you. Manav says I will meet you in 2 hours.Param comes and wipes MEher’s tears. He says mama why are you crying? Meher says something went in my eyes. He cleans her eyes.

Scene 4HArleen says to Robbie you want money right? You lost this time in gamble as well? He says I don’t need any money. I don’t have any money on me. He recalls Pathak asked Robbie to help him destroy Sarab. He said you won’t have to beg Sarab for this money.

Scene 4Amrita is on her way. Kulwant takes a bike from a guy and follows her. Amrita says to someone on call I am on my way. Mummy ji doesn’t know. Reach the bus stop.

Param says when will Karan speak? Meher says when he’s big like you. Param says Karan say papa, I will record in the camera. Manav comes. Karan says hello son. Param stands in front of Karan. Param says he’s playing with me, he is our Karan not yours. Sarab says Param go inside. Manav says making kids say your words? Sarab says you thought you will emotionally torture my sister and we will give Karan to you? Manav says Aditi is here? Sarab says so first you threatened her and now acting oblivious? You saved my life but that doesn’t mean you can torture my sister like this. If you hurt her I will. Manav says what.

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