5 Questions I Have About Baby Yoda’s Delicious Looking Space Macarons

Spoilers for today’s episode of The Mandalorian past this point, but in “Chapter 12,” Baby Yoda (a.k.a. The Child) eats some delicious looking space macarons. I’m sure some other things happened with [checks notes] The Mandalorian, and his friends Carl Weathers and Cara Don’t. But as usual with the series, the most important plot developments are about what Baby Yoda is eating this episode.

Following weeks of watching the galaxy’s favorite tyke chow down on some frog eggs, a spider, and almost getting eaten himself by some chowder, this episode was a pleasant respite, featuring fun bits with BY and those delectable cookies. After being left in school on Nevarro by Mando, Baby Yoda notices a classmate snacking on some cookies. Using a series of delightful squeaks, Baby Yoda asks for the cookies — and when the classmate refuses, Baby Yoda takes them literally by Force.

Over the course of the rest of the episode, Baby Yoda continues to eat from the package of cookies, and by episode’s end has eaten enough to get sick all over himself thanks to some fancy loop-de-loops while Mando is battling Imperial fighters.

And while that’s all well and good, I have several burning questions about these cookies:

2. What flavor are those cookies? Given the coloring, and the fact that Baby Yoda pukes pure liquid all over his tunic, I would guess that they’re flavored like blue milk, Luke Skywalker’s (Mark Hamill) favorite drink. Cereal milk flavored macarons aren’t unheard of in our world, but what does blue milk even taste like? According to San Diego’s 10 News, which sampled the in canon blue milk at Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland, it’s “a tropical, coconut slushi [sic], with perhaps a kick of pineapple or strawberry behind it.” There you go! Although I guess maybe the macarons could also taste like Max Rebo.

3. Do the cookies come from Space Paris? It’s possible the macarons come from a local purveyor on Nevarro, now that the place is all fancy and upright and stuff. But it would be much more fun if they were imported from Space Paris. Is there a Paris planet in Star Wars? Perhaps somewhere on Coruscant? My first thought was maybe Naboo, but the architecture from the surface parts of Jar-Jar Binks’ home planet are based on Seville, not anywhere in France. Perhaps Mando could make another pit stop on this Paris Planet to pick up more macarons for Baby Yoda before they finally head out to find Ahsoka Tano?

5. Can I have some? Hey Baby Yoda: gimme some of them cookies. Or at the very least, Disney+, it’s time to branch out your available Mandalorian merch into food. Put me down for 10. Alternately: someone more proficient in baking, please make me these matcha flavored Baby Yoda macarons. I will pay you back in completely unnecessary articles about popular TV shows.

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