2020 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 20

For the 2020 November PAD Chapbook Challenge, poets write a poem a day in the month of November before assembling a chapbook manuscript in the month of December. Today’s prompt is to write a target poem.

For today’s prompt, write a target poem. People shoot at targets with guns as well as bows and arrows. But they also aim at targets when pitching in baseball, rolling a bowling ball, and/or trying to hit someone in dodgeball. Of course, quarterly and annual targets are important in business, and there are moving targets in so many different walks of life.

Remember: These prompts are springboards to creativity. Use them to expand your possibilities, not limit them.

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Here’s my attempt at a Target Poem:


the giant fish saidto aim for what’s true& its golden wingspointed me to you

so whether it’s realor it’s really fakei’ve found my targetby the shiny lake

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