11 Fitness Instagram Accounts for When Your Feed Needs a Palate Cleanser

Probably more than ever, we’re attached to our phones—refreshing feeds, sharing links, and scrolling through the latest posts to stay up-to-date.

Whatever app we’re on, it’s hard to escape the current news cycle and election stress that’s constantly in our faces. The stress can pervade into other parts of life, like work, relationships, and even our workouts—something many of us rely on during more “normal” times, much less now, as a stress reliever.

That’s why it can be helpful to give your phone a time-out on the constant news refresh, and instead take a break with a virtual palate cleanser: some feel-good fitness Instagram accounts that will help take your mind off things and motivate you to use your workouts as your own form of self-care during these times.

“Movement is so important to mitigate the impact of stress,” Ph.D., director of the Stress, Trauma and Resilience (STAR) Program at Ohio State Wexner Medical Center, tells SELF. “Notice what creates energy for you and engage in more activities that create energy.”

If you choose the accounts you follow carefully, they can provide a welcome escape from the stressful day-to-day that is our 2020. Here are 11 fitness Instagram accounts that do just that.

1. Chaunte Lowe

A four-time Olympian in the high jump, Lowe was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. She chronicled her treatment—everything from showing her to —on her account, and is now using her platform for double duty: to raise awareness for the condition and to show her determination in prepping toward making her fifth Olympic team next year in Tokyo.

2. Paige Alms

Alms is a Big Wave World Champion surfer, so it’s no surprise that her —both when she’s riding huge waves and when she’s crushing a set of battle ropes Added bonus: If you had to put a tropical vacation on hold this year, or if you simply need a calming escape, her account is full of gorgeous scenery pics to take you to the islands.

3. Girls Run NYC

4. Kanoa Greene

5. Joan MacDonald

6. Robin Arzón

Arzón is the head instructor at Peloton—if you use the app, maybe you’ve taken a cycling, running, or strength class with her?—and a 26-time marathoner during her off-camera time. Arzón, who has type 1 diabetes, posts about everything from and to and . She’s even written an interactive fitness guide and journal for runners called .

7. Charli Adams

8. Saman Munir

If your workouts have been feeling a little stale, a quick skim through Munir’s Instagram may inspire you to try that new class or push through a fast interval. From to and , her workouts are serious, but she can improvise too: She uses whatever is around to get in a good workout, like and . And she also for female athletes.

9. Morit Summers

A body-positive personal trainer and founder of in Brooklyn Heights, New York, Summers has a CrossFit background—and her training is an impressive mix of circuit training and cardio interspersed with some . She also shares encouraging messages about , and talks openly about diagnoses.

10. Chelsea Werner

Werner is a Special Olympics gymnast with Down syndrome who can unleash quite the tumbling sequence. Her posts display her extremely cool gymnastic training—including some —and some traditional . Watching her crank out some wide-grip pull-ups and toes-to-bar moves might have you itching to do the same.

11. Amanda Kloots

If you don’t know Kloots by now, you should. The celebrity trainer publicly documented the COVID-19 experience of her husband, Broadway actor Nick Cordero, until , and uses her platform to fight against COVID-19 misinformation. She’s also remained dedicated to her , which includes AK! Rope, AK! Dance, AK! Body and AK! Mama & Me. She frequently posts and to strengthen and brighten your day.

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