WWE’s Jim Ross has called himself The Original Demo God, Says Triple H Didn’t Have His Back In WWE

Jim Ross on the latest episode of the Grilling JR Podcast discussed how he felt his firing by Vince Vince McMahon was more than just storyline, it was personal. “I didn’t have a problem doing what Vince wanted in large because I always did it. Sometimes they were better than some boys working,” said Ross. The episode ended with Ross being publicly humiliated and fired by Linda McManaghon. Jim also talked about how Vince had to have had some motive behind firing him on Monday Night RAW.

The coach called the plans and I ran them. Ross also mentioned that he was the original “Demo God” and not Chris Jericho’s 30th year in the business. He added, “Do I have to work there 3 more years to get a day?” Notably, Linda McMahon got her first stunner from Steve Austin. “I just did what the boss, who was also her husband, told me to do,” Linda said. She had gotten one of those nights where she thought it

Triple H. “She was reluctant that night to do the business but she…was reluctant to cross the boss,” Ross said. Grilling JR was fired in the storyline and later in real life. He also talked about how upset he was that Triple-H didn’t stick up for him. The article has been transcribed by Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.