Organic Spice Market Forecast – Industry Size, Share Report 2018-2024

Organic spice market size was worth over USD 20 billion in 2017 and will witness CAGR over 7.5% up to 2024. Increasing awareness regarding health benefits of naturally produced spices owing to therapeutic properties will stimulate the product demand over the forecast period. Spices are primarily used for flavoring, preserving, and coloring of food. The majorly used organic ingredients are turmeric, chilies, ginger, garlic, coriander and nutmeg & mace.

Pertaining to counter alzymer. Garlic oil has numerous applications that enhances the aroma and gives a pleasant taste in soups, canned food, and cocktails. Other benefits such as improving heart health, regulating metabolism and detoxification driving product adoption in various applications. Slow production output in some regions owing to farmers switching to organic farming may hinder the market growth. Further, increasing demand for RTE food products will further strengthen demand in the coming years. Organic spices are widely added in countless applications including canned beverages, baked products, sauces

Request Free Sample PDF Organic Spice Market, By Product Garlic is projected to generate over 2.5 million tons by 2024. Increasing garlic demand due to its high usage to provide aromatic flavours in various dishes will primarily drive the organic spice market growth. Ginger is an aromatic tropical spice used as raw, powder, and oil form in food processing industry. Culinary applications acquire a significant revenue share, accounting for more than 30% of this market in 2017. Growing demand for organic spices is anticipated to witness strong growth in the next few years.

Organic garlic market from snacks & convenience foods will witness growth over 6% up to 2024. High usage of ingredients such as chili, ginger, coriander, etc. on a daily basis for the preparation of side and main course dishes will primarily contribute towards the revenue generation. Organic Spice Market, By Region Asia Pacific organic spice market is anticipated to worth over USD 15 billion by 2023. Existence of seasonal variations along with the presence of high-yielding product variants are other factors positively impacting the organic spices market.

Rocky Mountain Company, Live Organics and Yogi Botanicals are prominent participants in the organic spice market. The industry share is highly fragmented in nature with the major participants including Rapid Organic, Earthly Delight, Sapthsathi Organic Agriculture Project, Frontier Natural Product, and Spice Hunter. Moreover, manufacturers and suppliers are focusing to integrate supply chain by procuring chemical free farming practices. Expansion in mainstream retail industry will drive the regional demand for organic spices. Growing consumption of ethic food will support the industry demand.

Organic spices are produced with various techniques used in sustainable farming such as mulching, inter-cropping, and integration of crops & livestock. Rising demand from food processing industry coupled with shifting preference towards naturally produced foods will drive the organic spice market growth over the forecast timeframe.