Kids forced to wear coats in class at school with no heating or hot food

Coming home hungry at a run-down primary school in Wirral, Merseyside, with no heating or hot food. The parents of children say the ageing building ‘isn’t fit for the 21st century’ and needs to be rebuilt. Reportedly, parts of the ceiling collapsed following stormy weather and the kitchen appliances are also broken. Riverside Primary School has been left without heating due to issues with the 1970s boilers which are so old replacement parts cannot be bought.

With the winter coming up they need hot food to keep their energy up. The parents have set up a GoFundme page to raise money for repairs, with 2,000 raised already. One video filmed in July documented problems with leaks and the boiler. “The children are being let down by the Government. This school is not fit for the 21st Century,” said Jen. She stressed that the school was still ‘brilliant’ and had won awards for its quality teaching. But she fears the problems will harm their education into the

Riverside Primary School’s headteacher Christina Lahive has said that the condition of the school, which is so old it can only get a four-star hygiene rating no matter how clean it is, is ‘abysmal’ and ‘unacceptable’. She added that repairs funded by LA maintain and improve maintained schools are only temporary fixes. Riverside was identified as requiring significant investment due to ‘a number of Condition and Suitability issues’, she added. Notably, Riverside is being rebuilt under the Priority School Building Programme

Riverside Headteacher said the generosity from the local community was ‘overwhelming’ but that it shouldn’t be down to parents to pay for basic educational needs. Cllr Wendy Clements, Chair of the Children, Education and Young People Committee on Wirral Council, said she was aware of longstanding issues with the building. Notably, Riverside has two sites one dating back to Victorian times and the other in the early 1970s. Riverside School District is seeking funding for the re-development of schools project.

Department for Education has announced an extra 560 million for school refurbishment this year on top of more than 1.4 billion of school condition funding already committed in 2020-21. Wirral local authority has been allocated 3.56 million in financial year 2019-21 to invest in its schools, including Riverside Primary. The department further said that the sale of two former schools will allow 1.25 million to be invested into Riverside redevelopment.