Justin Bieber Delivers Emotional Performances Of New Singles Holy & Lonely On Saturday Night Live

‘Lonely’ singer Justin Bieber sang the gospel-themed song while standing in front of the audience who responded with resounding applause. He closed his eyes and beat his chest several times while singing and at the end, he was left speechless while bent over on his hands and knees trying to compose his emotions. “It’s what we look for in artists,” tweeted a user. The video has since been shared on youtube.com.au/watch?v=TlQY-MB

Suhani feels lonely (@driplikebizzle) “And this is what justin bieber has. He’s pure,” tweeted Suhanis. Baldwin reprised his version of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden while Carrey returned as the host. The show featured plenty of slapstick humor that hit all of the right notes!

Kanye West wrote, “Ive always said SNL uses black people to hold others back My heart goes out to Issa Rae I’m praying for her and her family.” Yeezus creator Yeezy took to Twitter to accuse the show of being “f**k” and “disgusting”. He also tweeted that he was “praying” for Sheryl Sandberg. Notably, she has been featured on HBO’s ‘Eyesus’ series.

Aren’t too bad, but we want to hear from you! Sound OFF in the comments! [Image via YouTube] (Saturday Night Live) | Issa and JB made us ugly cry with his music. We wouldn’t say it was that bad either.