How The Pandemic Has Infected the Coffee Industry Worldwide, I wrote in a blog post

There’s been a new phrase to describe our daily lives, the New Normal. It affects every part of our life, large and small, including our normal cup of coffee. Since the Covid-19 virus turned the world upside down, officials at every level have declared lockdowns, restricted travel and immigration, required social distancing, hand sanitizing and masks. Companies have laid off millions of workers. No one has been spared, from multinational coffee brands to Costa Rica harvesting coffee beans by hand.

And bars that serve a lot of coffee have closed. In China, the largest consumer of Brazilian coffee beans, 2,000 Starbucks stores have shut, and Starbucks stock has declined nearly 7 percent. Coffee ranks third among the most popular drinks worldwide, nearly tied with water and tea. The pandemic has created devastating impacts on the economies of the major coffee producers including Brazil, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and Ethiopia. Notably, over 40,000 places serving good coffee regularly close in the United States alone. Additionally, many hotels, restaurants and cafes must close.

The Future of Coffee in the U.S. Enormous losses in coffee industry, unprecedented since the Great Depression, have damaged small coffee vendors more than the franchises like Starbucks, that may recover over time. However, for the moment being, large numbers of people will remain afraid to venture out in public. There is no guarantee that the public and all of those thousands upon thousands of coffee vendor especially the smaller boutique cafes will recover. Furthermore, some cities have banned customary practices of association in groups. As a result

By renewing innovative marketing strategies. With adversity always comes opportunity, and in some cases, even their own competitors. The coffee community has seized the opportunity to band together as ordinary people and not competitors, we wrote an article specifically detailing how the coffee companies have been helping their communities during these uncertain times. Notably, there are countless stories of coffee shops and businesses doing their part to help others out. This is especially true when it comes to technology being used to potentially kill people.