House of the Dead 2 Scribes Chime in with Their Thoughts on the Relatively titled, The House of The Dead 3

Michael Roesch and Peter Scheerer are the screenwriters behind the upcoming film ‘House of the Dead 2: Dead Aim’, which will release on DVD on 3/21. Michael: I grew up with all kinds of genre movies science fiction, action, thriller, but horror was always my favorite genre. Peter: It was great that horror became so popular again, and we could start to work as writers and producers in the genre we love. GVK interviewed the writers for their interview. “The

GVK: Which modern horror directors are you inspired by? Michael: George Romero and Ellie Cornell were great inspirations for the film. The shooting took four or five weeks, but we liked the work of Eli Roth very much. “I think Marines vs. zombies…that’s the direction the movie takes,” Michael said. There is plenty of blood and gore in this sequel. Unlike the first house of the dead movie, there was no continuity with the original.

GVK asked Michael, what were your greatest obstacles in making the film? Michael: We knew that it was not easy to meet the fans’ expectations. So we wanted to focus on the anti-zombie unit. The film is a straight action horror movie. Peter: The main idea behind HOTD2 is that the AMS platoon is searching for material of the very first zombie. Notably, video game adaptations have the advantage that many people around the world know the title, the characters and the storyline.

GVK’s Gareth Von Kallenbach wrote, “It was an amazing feeling to be the director on your own set.” He also said that Sid Haig, Ken Foree and Victoria Pratt will be in the movie. “The idea was to send a platoon to the very heart of the zombie plague…and then let hell break loose,” he added. It took over two years to make the film.