D, Paris Hilton a little too busy to watch Lindsay Lohan return on MTV’s ‘Lohan Beach Club’

Asked if she will be watching actress Lindsay Lohan’s upcoming show ‘Lohan Beach Club’ on MTV, Paris Hilton said that she is “a little too busy” to watch it. She added that the show will “establishe new friendships and alliances” as they try to avoid temptations of the Greek island nightlife. The episode will air in 2019. Notably, Londohan is set to launch a seaside resort resort in Mykonos next year.

Was seen laughing away when her friend Brandon Davis ranted about Lindsay Lohan to the paparazzi. “She wants me to see it. But it would shit out freckles, it’s orange and it smells like f*****g diarrhea,” he added. Paris had also called LiLo a “pathological liar” in the 2000s after she claimed to have left marks on her arms. However, Paris has said that she doesn’t trust her boyfriend anymore.

When Paris asked her to tell the media the truth, she replied, “Paris is my friend..Everyone lies about everything. She’s a nice person…She never did that.” Paris had earlier accused Paris of being my friend. However, Paris was quick to deny it and said, Paris has no secrets. Everybody lies around her. This is not true. Paris is your friend. Paris claimed that she never told anyone but Paris. Notably, while speaking about Paris, French actresses lie.