Best Photo Books 2020: Make & print an album online?

Here are some of the best online photo book printing companies with your favorite photos. I’ve made photo books on numerous platforms myself and selected my favorites. Regardless of whether you create the book on your computer or smartphone, Shutterfly stands out as among the most popular picture book websites for most people in 2020. The Prime Day deals may have ended, but these 25 deals are still available now!

You can upload your own designs to embellish your photo books. You can choose the photos or let the app choose for you. Printique, formerly known as AdoramaPix, offers professional-quality photo book at reasonable prices. If you want to make a wedding album or other upscale book, check out FreePrints Photobooks. There are over 500 colorful themes. And if that’s not enough, you could also upload custom designs.

I’ve ordered hundreds of prints, books, and gifts from Shutterfly. There are always deals and promo codes, which you can use up to three times at a time. You can also make your book easily within the iOS app. Some upgrades cost nothing extra. For example, right now, an 8×11-inch hardcover photo book retails for $40. The shipping is about $10 plus tax. Notably, there are many upgrades that cost more.

When you can get the best prices. You can create basic photo books, or make a school yearbook with flush-mount, lay-flat, board-mounted pages. I’ve been happy with the quality, as detailed in my review of Shutterfly. The price games are irritating. However, the regular photo book pages are paper, so you’ll want to be careful not to rip them as you look through the book.

Shutterfly is one of the best photo book makers out there. With over 500 customizable themes, you can create a book for yourself. You can upload your own designs and choose from thousands of backgrounds and embellishments. The books come with free unlimited storage and an easy-to-use app on your computer or phone.

It took a bit of searching to find prices before uploading photos. The starting price is for 20 pages; you can add more for an additional fee. Upload photos from your phone, Instagram, Google Photos, Smug Mug, or your computer. Prices are reasonable (frequent sales and coupons). Snapfish’s quality is great, while prices are very reasonable with frequent sales/promo codes.

A premium leather cover album, and lay-flat pages if you wish. You can make photo books in the iOS app, but I do not recommend it for people with limited access to computers. There are also plenty of sales and promo codes at any given moment. As I mentioned above, you’ll almost never pay the retail photo book prices.

Snapfish offers fair prices for great quality photo books with a huge variety of sizes, price points, themes, and embellishments. The softcover book is made from “thick and durable archival paper,” which makes it look and feel incredible. I would also say it’s less susceptible to damage than normal paper books.

Completely flat and open. You can also embellish premium albums with gold, silver, or black gilding. If you prefer to make your photo books from your phone, there is no app available so you can upload them to Printique. While some photo book printing services offer sales and promotions from time to time, they are not “always on sale” like some other companies. The prices start at $19.95 for the cheapest editions. For your cover, you’ll have to choose between hardcover, leather Lux (vegan),

Printique, formerly known as AdoramaPix, produces high-quality photo books with thick, sturdy archival pages. The book is 8×8, and you get two choices depending on the quality and style of your photo book. Amazon Prime members can upgrade to up to 74 pages for a cheaper price. Notably, this is the first time I’ve used their app to print photos from my phone.

Amazon Photos creates “memories” for you from trips or years in review and gives you the option to print it up as a photo book. Same-day pickup at your local Walgreens is available for certain photo books, and you can even have your book gift packaged for free. Amazon Prime members get fast, free shipping.

Walgreens offers photo books from cheapies all the way up to premium leather-bound layflat albums. Photo book prices are reasonable to start, plus sales and promo codes are plentiful. You can also get same-day pickup at your local Walmart with certain option options and free ship-to-store with others. Notably, this is a great one-stop shop for many things, as I mentioned earlier.

It is made for mobile you couldn’t order from a computer if you tried. FreePrints Photobooks gives you one free photo book per month, just pay $8 shipping. The app lets you pull photos from your phone, and even from other popular sites like Facebook and Instagram. You can also make the book on your desktop or tablet. There are frequent sales and promo codes offering free and discounted upgrades.

A coffee table or mantel showpiece. Some people want something simple and streamlined, while others want to embellish every detail. I’ll spend hours laying out each page, placing every photo, and selecting colorful backgrounds for each picture. But not everyone wants to get bogged down in those details. You can even let the Shutterfly team design your album for you.

Something bigger and grander. You also want to decide what kinds of materials you want your photo book to be made of. Are you going to want custom layouts, themes, and stickers? Upload your own artwork and designs as embellishments in your picture book, like you can do with Mixbook. Choose a website that lets you use photos directly from where your photos “live” so you don’t have to go through the photo uploading process.

Usually within a week or two for photo books. Photo books have lay-flat binding, so nothing gets “lost” in the seams of the book. Also, some photo albums are archival quality that can be passed down through the generations. Notably, all FreePrints Photobooks and Shutterfly photobooks offer free monthly subscriptions. You can even have Walgreens gift-package your photo book the same day.

You’ll be on their mailing list and will be alerted of promotions. Most photo book makers let you put multiple photos on a single page; if you do that, then you will need to add fewer pages. A good tip is to check for warnings and alerts that might warn of low resolution. Be sure the photos are in the right order so that your story flows. Photo books can be kept forever.

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