A Couple Adopts 4 Siblings From Foster Care, Only To Discover They’re Having Quadruplets

Maxine Young said yes to their child’s fourth sibling, Elliot. She added, “I laughed with Jake that she is my real soulmate.” The couple had been working on conceiving a biological child also. Notably, the couple has two adopted children together since they started looking into foster care. Their first call came through asking if they would want to take in three siblings under 4-years-old. They were approved within two months. After learning about Foster Care, they agreed without even asking Jake.

Got into a rhythm of things and it became second nature, or as normal as having 4 children in foster care could be. You are the heroes of this world. You have given me glasses so that I could see the world through another lens, wrote Maxine. Henry was born in December 2018. Maxin and Henry are now legally adopted together. The couple has four children together, one of which is their first son Henry. They started dating at the age of three years old. Their first child was conceived via intrauterine insemination

For the past two and a half years. Now I have the greatest honor of being your mama. You have given me the most meaningful and fulfilling role of my lifetime, said Maxine. She was pregnant with quadruplets at the age of six months. “At first I was excited, but that quickly became nervousness. The doctors made it seem like it would be impossible to have four healthy babies…and wanted us to reduce,” she added. Notably, her first pregnancy was with twins last year. But they were premature

It sounds even crazier when we say that we have eight under 5 and nine kids under 8. You never feel like there’s not enough love in the house but they love each other just as much, said Maxine. She added, They might not share the same blood but it’s a beautiful thing to see. All four of our babies were healthy. I think most people that have nine children under 8 have them more spread out. Silas, Beck, and Beck welcomed their fourth child Cecilia in July. Not