What became of Nuria Bermdez, the ‘crazy’ presenter of Crnicas Marcianas?

Former footballer Dani Giza. The two women, Yola Berrocal Y Nuria Bermdez, made some money on television announcing their shame in bed with celebrities and people related to the world of football. In the year 91, she appeared on the program La Guardera 3, presented by Teresa Rabal. She had met the 40-year-old last year. Notably, her father changed his life completely. However, during her absence from television, he did not need to return to

.. After dating around 15, she started dating at the age of 15. She was a regular customer of nightclubs in Madrid and began to become quite well known. Although her parents were military Y nurse respectively, she had an affair with one of her older half-brothers when she was 14. They had two children together and met at 15 years of age. Their first date was recorded as “Available” by the police. They have been dating since then.