The Atlanta Falcons: Potential 2021 first round pick?

Make a sound decision on who they can pick. Micah Parsons is an interesting prospect that will help the Atlanta Falcons linebacker core reach brand new heights. He has explosiveness and athleticism, which is very much of the charts at his position. As such, we do not know what direction the new regime of head coach and general manager will go with the draft. However, it looks like the falcons have no command or directive to win at all.

A converted defensive end in high school. Patrick Willis has added rush value here that shouldn’t be overlooked in his game. He can flourish in the new Atlanta Falcons ecosystem, managers should take him if they like and fall in love with the person and the football player. The two have worked together well together over the last few years. There have been several instances of teams getting athletic linebackers paired on him and successfully attacking him in coverage.