The Atlanta Falcons have a chance to get out the In-Between

They are in the In-Between. The Atlanta Falcons have committed to a rebuild on offense while committing to spending spree on defense. It has been too much for their offense to overcome and they cancel each other out, hence the in-between. Notably, this is the worst spot for sports, or any organization to be in between.

There are four guys not named Jarrett or McKinley on that defensive line. It’s time for the Falcons to commit to the rebuild. The offense is littered with first-round picks. Outside of the practice squad, no one has deserved the money they are getting. Notably, it will not and cannot compete for a Super Bowl as constructed. At year’s end, you will have another high draft pick. No matter whether Arthur Blank is here to see it through doesn’t matter.

And start committing to something. And at the very least, it’s time for Atlanta to get out of the in-between and begin making commitments. For the moment, though, we’ll just have to stick to our guns and commit to some kind of action plan.