Thank LA Rams RB coach Thomas Brown for early rushing success

The Rams running game is effective once again. Brown was hired by head coach Sean McVay from the coaching staff of the South Carolina Gamecocks. His college coaching career included time where he coached college running backs at Chattanooga, Marshall, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Miami. Notably, Brown is known for his contributions to raising the bar on and off the field. No one knows about him as a person who gives his all.

Or second running back to help in both running and passing plays. Brown, who suffered from a torn Achilles Tendon, has been hired to the Rams coaching staff. Notably, Brown will be back on the field in one of his boot training sessions this week. “It’s that fire that makes him so indispensable,” said Brown. He is expected to play against the New England Patriots on Thursday. The Los Angeles Chargers are looking to add blocking in the backfield as an upback.

I would say he is on a coordinator and head coaching track. McVay has said the sky is the limit for him (obviously doesn’t want to lose him). “The Rams running game is responding to the passion of the new running back coach,” tweeted Jourdan Rodrigue. Brown has put up 698 rushing yards in the first five games this season.