Patriots: Is Julian Edelman getting less playing time because of drop issues?

Julian Edelman has tallied just 10 receptions for 115 yards in three games this season. “We’re just trying to it’s a long season, obviously,” said Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels. The 34-year-old is the Patriots’ top wide receiver, but he hasn’t been making the most of his opportunities this year. He also dropped two very catchable balls during Week 2 against Kansas City. Notably, Edelmann is on the COVID-19 reserve list

Was his lowest since Week 3 of the 2019 season, when he played 49% in a 38-point loss to the Jets. Edelman has now dropped 11 passes since the start of last season which is three more than any other player during that span. The Patriots will play their first game against Denver on Sunday.

Certainly wouldn’t let that slow him down. Edelman’s reduced playing time is either due to his continued drop issues or the fact that he has lost a step, but we tend to lean towards the latter as his miscues have cost the Patriots dearly since the start of last season.