New Edge features, Bing Rewards on Xbox, PC shipments growing, and more On MSFT

Kareem Anderson and Arif Bacchus, two contributing writers of OnPodcast, talk about new Surface devices. They recap the Bing Rewards app on Xbox, put it in the perspective of the PC market, discuss TikTok, and more. And, finally, they get into what’s new with version 86 of Microsoft Edge. The duo also talked about the new Collections feature which Microsoft is beta-testing. Notably, this is the first episode of our week-ahead podcast series.

Arif and Kareem discuss some topics they think will be big for Microsoft in the coming work week. They also offer some special words of thanks for our reviews over the past week, as well as a Lenovo Legion 5i Giveaway! Also featured on the OnPodcast are PWA Office apps, Windows 10 on ARM, and TikTok builds. The duo also discuss the Coronavirus pandemic and PC shipments.