‘My heart says yes but my mind says no’, Patrick Lefevere

Managing director Patrick Lefevere has said he is considering signing sprinter Mark Cavendish for 2021, adding, “I unwittingly have my own barometer for the situation in cycling. It is level five there because it is unbelievable how many spontaneous applications I’ve received.” The 35-year-old is out of contract with Bahrain-McLaren at the end of this year. He added people from NTT and CCC, but also from smaller continental crews are looking for a team. Notably,

Mark Cavendish has stated that he would like to return to his squad. “I think about it: what does it mean to young riders? Right now, my heart says yes, but my mind says no,” added the cyclist. The team is made up of sixty people altogether and the extent to which they work together determines much of the success,” said Mark. Notably, this includes a mechanic who discovered family life during the lockdown and started his own bicycle business.

The least he deserves, said Cavendish, who is currently riding the Tour of Flanders, which will be his last race of the season before returning to cycling in 2021. He added, “My merit for cycling and our team in particular – is great. Respect is…the least [he] deserves.” The 22-year-old rider hopes to find somewhere to continue racing in 2020.