Meghan Markle leaves her’return label’ dangling from her red dress in major fashion slip-ups

Of Sussex recently forgot to remove a return tag which was seen hanging from her dress in Tonga for her royal tour with Prince Harry. The “returns will only be accepted if the tag remains attached” tag was visible at Fua’amotu Airport. Meghan, who is expecting their first child with Harry, also wore an oversized Christian Dior clutch and Manolo Blahnik BB pumps while she was being introduced to local singers. Notably, the duchess has two more months to go.

U Tuku’ah is Tonga’s High Commissioner to Australia. Recently, the Duchess of Sussex made a wardrobe faux-pas when her top became unbuttoned during her recent visit to Fiji. This was reportedly due to security scare and also ‘crowd control’ issues. Notably, Meghan had visited the country with Prince Harry last year. However, she did commit another faux pas as her undergarments did not match up to the dress.

Ushered out by her bodyguards from the hot and sweaty marketplace in Suva, the Fiji capital. Meghan was earlier seen whispering to her security before being escorted out of the courtroom where she was spotted. The footage was later shared on social media with the hashtag #MeghanSuvaFiji.com. Meanwhile, Meghan can be seen wearing a hooded skirt as she walks through the mall aisles. She is reportedly dressed in white and black T-shirts.nn