Koko Was A Ballsy Son Of A B**ch, WWE’s Bruce Prichard has said

At the top of the toughest guys in the room. Bruce Prichard, while talking about Koko B Ware’s temper backstage, said that he never knew him to be a hothead. “Koko wasn’t the biggest guy in this room, but I dare say I’d put him at your top.” Notably, ware joined the WWE in 1986. However, after Owen Hart passed away, his services were no longer needed.

Being home every night in your own bed and not having to drive more than 150 miles each night to a town, Bruce Prichard said that former WWE wrestler Kerry Von Erich was regressing from the road. “Maybe trying to deal with issues…a lot of personal demons,” he added. Kerry had only wrestled with WWE from 1990-1992. Koko was inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame in 2009. He will be remembered for his performance at the Intercontinental Championship next year.

At the age of 33 with a.44 caliber gunshot wound to his heart. Von Erich was inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame in 2009. His posthumous induction to the hall of fame took place in 2009 when Michael Hayes, the longtime wrestler’s son, was also inductee.