Kanye West has said that she is praying for Issa Rae and her family

Kanye West has spoken out regarding a joke hosted by SNL host Issa Rae last night about his involvement in the presidential election. “Ive always said ‘SNL’ uses black people to hold others back,” West tweeted. The tweet came up when Thompson as the host mentioned the race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Notably, West had earlier said she would vote for everybody Black. However, she later clarified her thoughts about West’s candidacy for the presidency.

One of West’s videos was one in which he encouraged his fans to WRITE IN KANYE WEST on their ballots for the upcoming Presidential election. The video, which also featured West’s interview with former Vice President Joe Biden, shows De La Fuente as the American Independent Party presidential nominee. West is listed alongside Roque Rocky De la Feente among other candidates on the California ballot. Notably, West did not make it onto many ballot papers. However, his campaign stunt was successful.