David Crosby has apologised for his ‘meh’ response to Eddie Van Halen’s death

‘Byrds’ singer David Crosby has apologised for a tweet he sent about late guitarist Eddie Van Halen following his death at 65. “I did just toss off an answer that was not cool. I would have kept my mouth shut…. I do make mistakes. No offense intended,” the singer tweeted. Notably, many artists passed away due to mental health issues like Parkinson’s and autism. Stills & Nash (Stills) singer Glenn Clarke had tweeted

But this tweet is pitch perfect. We do all make mistakes and we need more forgiveness in this world. The tweet read, At the same time, we don’t want to be slammed for making mistakes, it added. It further said that we have to forgive ourselves. It’s not perfect but I think everyone makes mistakes. And we are all human. But we can learn from each other through our actions.” It concluded, adding, “We will never forget how hard we were before.” Notably,