Clever, low-effort things that make your home cleaner than ever before

I’ve rounded up some of the most clever products you can buy on Amazon that will help keep your home clean and hygienic. From water bottles and travel mugs bacteria-free to organizational solutions for your cleaning supplies, these 40+ items are here to save you time and effort. These low-effort hacks can make your house cleaner than ever.

This slimy soap dish. Made of recycled, BPA-free silicone that won’t rust, this dish sticks to your counter with suction cups and has an extendable 52″ handle. The included dustpan has a built-in scraper that helps clean water bottles as you go. Notably, the reusable broom dish is made from polypropylene and can be stored near all sinks in your home.

Shower doors and ceramic tiles. It’s backed by a lifetime warranty and is Certified Asthma and Allergen Friendly. You might not think about cleaning your windshields on regular basis, but once you get, it will quickly become part of your deep-clean routine. The durable, easy-to-install s are designed to catch hair before it gets stuck in your drain. They’re made from flexible, anti-slip silicone, and come in packs of 5.

. It’s made of non-stick Polytetrafluoroethylene that is super easy to clean. You can trim the mat to fit your oven with standard household scissors, and it can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. With, you won’t have to worry about spilling anything in your shower or tub.