‘Batman & Robin’ starrer George Clooney has said his back was ‘Against The Wall’ after the success of a film which failed to make it to the Oscars

George Clooney has said Hollywood did well after the flop of his 1997 film ‘Out Of Sight’ from Steven Soderbergh. “There was a director attached and he walked away…I didn’t have any experience in filmmaking,” added actor. He further said that people who are “tortured by” fame can be miserably wrong. Notably, the 1997 remake of Batman & Robin had Arnold Schwarzenegger, Alicia Silverstone, Chris O’Donnell and Uma Thurman

He is getting paid and paying the rent. He added, “I’m thrilled to be here. I’m lucky.” Clooney had earlier said that his acting career was filled with rough times. “And you would show up and some guy is a jerk and you’re like, ‘Oh, I don’t care. It was, Thank you, thank you…thank you. He further said this in an interview. Notably, it was in roles like The Notebook with Paul Newman.