Amy Duggar Slams Fan Urging her to Have More Kids: ‘A Woman’s Body Is Not a Factory’

Former Counting On star Amy King (ne Duggar) has slammed a fan who sent her DM urging her to have more children after baby No. “You only have one. He’s so cute. I think your body is fine for more. Pick up the pace, you should have been pregnant again like yesterday,” she wrote in the message. The 34-year-old actress also explained that her body had been through many to give her the sweetest boy ever. Notably, Amy

I’d be unmotivated, emotional, stressed out and not in a good headspace right now, Amy added. Amy further said she hates the phrase ‘pop out. It’s WORK. And our bodies go through lots of work. Not ready for baby No. 2 yet. “I want to give my son my full attention. Toddler stage is so amazing and I don’t wanna miss anything,” added Amy. She added that pregnancy took on her body was worth it. Amy has been diagnosed with breast cancer

I am an only child, and I think I grew up just fine. So cheers to those mamas who decide to have one child! Honestly, we are teetering on that idea, Amy added. Amy and her family members are known for having large families, but Amy isn’t married yet. “It’s exhausting always being compared to other people. It just has to stop. I’m in my 30s now, away from that show…abandoning it,” Amy said.