‘Adule’s estranged father calls the police on neighbour who allegedly played his daughters’ songs

Adele’s estranged father reportedly called the police on his next-door neighbour Evans for playing and singing along to his daughters’ songs. Fry, 21, said that Evans asked her not to sing so loud or play my music loudly two years ago in Bridgend, South Wales. “He said it was affecting his sleep and that it is very disturbing. I thought he’d appreciate it, not complain,” she added. Evans had expressed deep regret about his absence with daughter when she was 12. “Things went wrong when

An honest account of my feelings for Adele Evans. Evans wrote, “I’ve never said a bad word about her and I’m absolutely gutted she’s cut me out of her life.” Evans also shared some of his favorite Instagram moments from her relationship with singer Aimee Jones. The couple started dating after the release of their second album, 21. They had been dating for almost two years. Notably, Evans advised him against breaking up with Evans as she was too young to be single.