Dedicated To Boyfriend Carter Reum, Paris Hilton Releases New Single ‘I Blame You’ titled To French Hilton

Named I Blame You which is dedicated to Carter Reum, released a new dance track on Friday with Lodato. The song features Hilton singing, Ever since I met you / Can’t forget you… As if I’m healing. All proceeds from the song will go to Breaking Code Silence, an organization organized by survivors and activists to raise awareness about the problems in the Troubled Teen Industry. This comes after Hilton claimed she suffered physical and mental abuse from Provo Canyon School.

Kim Kardashian West’s campaign for the upcoming velour collection featuring Hilton also launched on Friday. “He really is just so incredible supportive, loyal, kind, brilliant, and I look up to him so much,” said Hilton. Notably, Hilton is dating Reum, an entrepreneur and best-selling author. The two women have a long history together, given their previous relationship dates back in January. They reportedly wore head-to-tee outfits in paparazzi-style photos.nnnd

To get married and have babies and just finally be as happy as she always wished. Paris Hilton revealed that she turned down starring in the film because she had more important things to focus on. She added, “It’s the first time where I’ve actually had to pause and really reflect on my life and what matters,” while talking about her relationship with her husband Drew Barrymore. The couple started dating last year. They had two children together.nnndrew and Kim Kardashian got engaged in September.com.au.