‘Hillbilly Elegy’ trailer has been slammed by Twitter Users: You Couldn’t Pay Me Enough to See It (Sorry, I couldn’t pay you enough

On Monday, Netflix released the official trailer for the upcoming Netflix movie Hillbilly Elegy. In the trailer, J.D. (Gabriel Bosso), Bev Adams, and Amy Adams are seen in very heavy makeup. However, some users have claimed that they won’t be watching the movie at all. Notably, Vance wrote a book about his life in Appalachia, which was published in 2016. The trailer also features interviews with actors Owen Asztalos and Haley Bennett.

Ren Bender Look I don’t hate Ron Howard (RUSH is a Masterpiece) but I rolled my eyes so hard at that HILLBILLY ELEGY trailer, because I hated it so much. One user wrote, “Lmfaooooooooohhhhhhh this looks like TROPIC THUNDER fake trailer.” Another user shared the same sentiments after watching the official trailer of the film on Netflix.com.nz.net.uk.

Kayleigh Donaldson (@Ceilidhann) The Hillbilly Elegy trailer is just 2 minutes straight of those clips they show at the Oscars when announcing the acting nominees stitched together. One critic wrote, Oh god, HILLBILLY ELEGY looks awful. Watch it fucking sweep the Academy Awards. Another critic added, “The trailer…is just 3 minutes ahead of all those scenes that will get you an Oscar.” Will Mavity has tweeted about