WAPA undergrounds electricity supply equipment in St Croix, s: At the end of the day, we are going to have a big impact on our neighbours

The US Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority (WAPA) is embarking on its fourth electricity undergrounding project in St Croix. The project will improve the resiliency of the system to hurricanes and other weather events. Electricity supply equipment is being undergrounded in the country to improve transmission and distribution system resilience. Notably, the islands face an annual threat of Hurricanes with potentially devastating consequences.

New curb side transformers and medium voltage distribution switchgear. Potable water storage facilities, the Central High School and Golden Grove prison facilities were among those benefitting from undergrounding projects in St Croix. The programme aims to improve system resiliency and restore service, as well as the day to day security and quality of supply, are being carried out with federal government support. Additionally, microgrids are also on the cards. WAPA earlier in the year launched an initiative to fully restore its advanced metering infrastructure decimated

Electrical service and water on St Thomas, Hassel Island and Water Island, as well as on Saint Croix and St John. The WAPA provides electrical services to the surrounding communities and provides water supply and electricity on all three islands. It also provides electric service for water in other locations such as St Mary’s, Harrow Island & Water island.